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Is Virtual Learning better or worse?

The results are in!

The events of 2020 really upended business life as we know it with opportunities for face-to-face learning suddenly being put on pause.
We looked at how and what we could adapt to help our clients, and this opened up an opportunity for us to add live, virtual offerings to our extensive existing set of training courses.

Despite many learning and development budgets being slashed, the businesses we work with have told us they really can’t afford to put capability building on hold – they simply have to keep moving with re-skilling and up-skilling of entire workforce segments. When surveyed, the majority of clients responded that, in light of the shift to virtual communication, the ability for their people to plan, communicate, manage and team effectively in this new environment is critical.

E-Learning and virtual offerings allow for businesses of all kinds and sizes to keep their workforces skilled, which is much more cost-effective in the long run than having to re-hire later down the track. It’s also a level playing field and allows businesses in all locations to participate equally. Virtual live sessions enable larger groups with more opportunities to run experiential learning.

After comparing the results for Elite Consulting skills Virtual Live (VILT) to Elite Consulting Face to Face (ILT) the averages for participant evaluations are:
Average score VILT: 4.58
Average score ILT: 4.63

In summary, virtual training, if run well, is not a poorer cousin to live learning even when learning professional ‘soft’ skills. Plus it saves on time and travel expenses!

If you are interested in how we do it feel free to reach out.

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