Self-paced Learning Overview

Self-paced learning and the expectation of users has moved on significantly in recent years.

No longer is it about sitting in front of a computer screen answering dry, multiple-choice questions about procedural information. A new generation has come to expect learning to be on-line, collaborative, instantaneous and entertaining.

At TIA, we deliver on those expectations by using on-line and virtual technology to create a well-rounded learning experience that allows  learners to ‘deep dive’ if they wish to find out more using virtual ‘experts’, learning that caters for auditory, visual and  kinaesthetic learning preferences as well as utilising many of the latest ‘game mechanics‘ to maximize user learning and engagement.

eLearning modules available:

  • Business Development – Making Better Use of Your Time
  • Client Engagement Lifecycle
  • Lead Generation
  • Developing Referrals
  • Warm Calling – Getting the Meeting
  • Structuring a New Business Meeting
  • Questioning – Uncovering Need
  • Responding Persuasively – Planning
  • Responding Persuasively – Delivery
  • Persuasive Language
  • Body Language & Delivery Skills


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