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Total Inter Action (TIA) is a leading international consultancy specializing in measuring and developing the skills and abilities of people in business.

TIA was founded by Paul Izbicki in 1996 in Sydney, Australia. It now delivers services to over 15 countries and works with 4 of the world’s top ten IT and professional services companies.

Our Recipe for Success?… Just add people

Start with the (business) end in mind – We get that our clients are investing time and money with us and they want a return on that investment. All our services and programs are developed to achieve specific business outcomes and address specific business challenges.

Give it a go – People learn best by ‘doing’ not just listening. We create safe environments in the classroom when we are coaching and when we are helping people embed learnings back in the workplace. This way people can learn by trying things out through business simulations, presenting, discussion, thinking problems through and even gaming (Yep, people learn a lot through purposeful games!). They all help to make things stick.

You are all individuals – We passionately want each individual we work with to succeed. Our people are trained to focus on individual success not just group success. Coaching and helping individuals is core to what we do. If every individual has bought into what they need to do and really gets it, the group will benefit.

Do it before teaching it – George Bernard Shaw once said “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches” – Well, not at TIA! Our background is in doing. Each facilitator, trainer or coach has at least 15 years’ experience of corporate life at Director level. That experience allows us to call on great ‘war stories’ from personal experience plus adds credibility and comfort when in front of a group or individual.

We’re a bit obsessive – We take a systemic approach to what we do and how we do it. We are, by our own admission, obsessive about getting it right. What that means to clients is they get high levels of consistency of results and things happen when they should happen in the way they should happen.