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Lockdown Thinking…

Stuck in a lockdown? Here is some food for thought – what four different thinkers may be thinking. For more information on Whole Brain® Thinking and how we use it in training, please feel free to reach out.
virtual learning

Is Virtual Learning better or worse?

The results are in! The events of 2020 really upended business life as we know it with opportunities for face-to-face learning suddenly being put on pause. We looked at how and what we could adapt to help our clients, and this opened up an...

WEBINAR: Can You Hear Me? Whole Brain® Thinking

Most business people seem to have settled into the ‘new normal’ of virtual business communication but most would like to get more out of those calls (and reduce the number of calls they make!). To help with this we ran a webinar that looked at what people do unconsciously that...

Great results – 640x ROI on TIA Pitch Doctor

How to win 14 of 14 competitive pitches. The Nielsen Pacific story. Hear from Chris Percy, Managing Director, and his Executive Team how Nielsen Pacific won 14 of 14 pitches using the Total Inter Action “Pitch Doctor” Program. Read the full case study here “The...