Coaching is about helping the individual to set goals and achieve them.

Use A TIA Coach
Our coaches are professional trained and highly experienced corporate coaches. The coaching that we run is usually part of an overall ‘change’ program where individuals have learned what to do and need assistance and support putting theory into practice. Research has shown that this type of coaching increases learning transfer by up to 800%.

Accredit Your People as In-House Coaches
Imagine if your managers were brilliant coaches to their people. They would ensure each individual they coach takes responsibility for setting and achieving their own goals through regular, well structured and highly effective coaching meetings.

TIA can assess which people within an organization will make the best coaches, accredit them in the TIA coaching methodology and provide tools appropriate for the coaching and business objectives. We will also support the coaches or ‘coach the coach’ to ensure that there is always someone available to help with coaching challenges and answer the tough questions.