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Connecting learning to business outcomes

What We Do

Connecting learning to the business goals.

In a recent McKinsey survey, respondents, consisting of managers, said that building talent in their organization was among the top three priorities. And yet only about half of them perceived the L&D programs in their company to add value to their business. In other words, it seems as if the link between L&D programs and the business challenges or objectives aren’t very clear to management.

A huge part of this requires an understanding of the capabilities required to achieve organizational objectives and apply this to your training and development. You might have well-defined objectives, a tight and streamlined program, and yet if you fail to recognize which behaviours and capabilities truly affect the outcomes, then much of your training is a futile endeavour.

At Total Inter Action we use a simple process to ensure learning achieves desired business outcomes:

  • Identify the business critical goals
  • Identify the activity required to achieve those goals
  • Identify the competencies required to achieve those goals
  • Measure those competencies and compare to role requirements
  • Build development that addresses competency gaps