How many datacentres GEL have, and where are they located? Currently there are 2 Datacentres within a 17 mile radius from their HQ at Boston, Massachusetts.
What is the current Application environment? Primary database is Oracle (3 Terabytes in size)

Microsoft SQL 2005 – LUN layout based on SystemDB, TempDB, User DB and Transaction log databases (no size estimates; assume 50% of the Oracle DB size)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

What is the total number of Exchange users? 54,000 user seats.
What is the expected data capacity growth? 20% year over year.
What are the Virtualization details? VMware – 200 vm’s of varying size and performance profiles.
What are the Protocols for the current environment? NFS or iSCSI.
What are their Data Migration needs? All the data need to be migrated.
What are the Backup requirements and retention period? Data needs to be backed up regularly.  Retention periods vary so a flexible, configurable solution based on individual data set requirements is desired.
What are the regulatory and compliance requirements? Regulatory and compliance requirements are in line with the standards adhered to in the healthcare industry.
Why did GEL retain an independent IT infrastructure post-merger? Drew Robinson’s (DR) IT strategy is separate from GEL’s. GEL will continue to be a subsidiary of DR and will determine/manage its own IT independently.
Who are the decision makers at GEL for IT spending? Bob Hopkins, Chief Information Officer Caroline M. Baxter, Chief Financial Officer Dr. Sue Berringer, IT Manager Willard T. Jackson III, Chief Executive Officer (sign off only)