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Nielsen Pacific “Pitch Doctor”

Hear from Chris Percy, Managing Director, and his Executive Team how Nielsen Pacific won 14 of 14 pitches using the Total Inter Action “Pitch Doctor” Program.

About the Client: Nielsen Pacific
The leading global information and measurement company is active in over 100 countries and employs approximately 40,000 people worldwide. Total revenues were $6.3 billion in 2014.

The Brief
In 2014, the Nielsen Pacific leadership team including MD, Chris Percy, and Executive Director Consumer and Business Intelligence, Michael Walton, set out on a journey with three goals:

  1. To increase the success in pitching – both gaining new contracts and retaining current ones in an increasingly competitive landscape.
  2. To change the culture of the whole business development team to put the voice of the client first and the Nielsen solution second.
  3. To shift the behaviour of the team to collaborate more effectively with each other and the customer. 

The Process:  “Pitch Doctor” –  TIA’s solution to winning pitches
Working closely with the Nielsen leadership team, TIA’s team led by Paul Izbicki delivered the TIA “Pitch Doctor” program –  a solution based on a whole brain thinking approach and a blend of highly practical training and coaching to achieve the planned results.

What’s unique about The “Pitch Doctor” process is that it starts with working directly on the upcoming pitches –  so the experience of the TIA coach feeds directly into the pitches, increasing the win rate and ensuring the full bid team are applying the “Pitch Doctor” tools and model effectively.

Results: 100% Win rate on bids using TIA “Pitch Doctor”
The top line result – increasing the win rate – has been spectacular.  Of the 14 pitches, where the “Pitch Doctor” model has been employed, the win rate has been 100%.  This has included major seven figure contracts and a mix of new business, win-backs and retentions.  GM Chris Percy observed “the ROI of our engagement with TIA has been frankly astronomical.”

On the cultural shift, the evidence of success is clear with clients commenting “You really understood the brief, you delivered on the brief, and you talk to us in our own language – not in Nielsen language”.

This is a deeply embedded cultural change that continues to deliver results on every pitch. It’s also sustainable – TIA is not required for every situation as the team have fully engaged the model.  For major pitches however, TIA coaches still work closely right through the process to add value and maximize success.