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There’s a fascinating scene in the controversial Hollywood film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ that takes place prior to Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo De Caprio) establishing his infamous stock brokerage firm. In this scene he’s gathered together his band of, soon to be...
Like Likes Like

Like Likes Like

They say people like people who are like them.  View the image below “Like Likes Like” on this page to reveal famous characters and see who you like.  Are you drawn to those that are in the quadrant/s of your highest thinking preference?  ...

How Steve Jobs used simplicity to make his presentation persuasive

Keeping language simple is more persuasive Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak said in a recent interview that Steve Jobs was great at keeping things simple when most people (such as himself) would dive into ‘tech speak’ and TLA’s (three-letter-acronyms). While we might think using complex...